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We specialize in conference calls and conversion of text/mp3 files to robo/automated calls.

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Text2voiceads is a text to speech solution that allows subscribers to send robo/automated calls from text or uploaded mp3 files through our platform.Also,we provide conference calls service.



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Login and click the advert link. Add english text of 1000 characters max or upload your recording in any language in an mpeg,wav,wave,x-wav,aiff,x-aifc,x-aiff,x-gsm,gsm,ulaw or mp3 file,enter the receipient phone number and click submit. Multiple phone numbers should be comma separated. Recipient gets a call and hears your text/mp3 audio file converted to voice call


School-Parent Notifications - Remind parents of upcoming report cards, field trips absences or upcoming events such as plays and festivals. Emergency Alert System - Have the ability to alert all of your staff, students and parents should and emergency arise at your school. School Cancellations - Send out an automated voice message that informs parents of school closures and cancellations in a quick and efficient manner.

Churches-Prayer Requests - Religious leaders can send out prayer requests for members of their congregation. Event Reminders - Invite members of your religious group to special events. Charity Alerts - Hosting a special fundraising event for a specific project? We can make sure the word gets spread to thousands of people instantly. Donation Requests - Let your church know that you are in need on Donations to help improve your religious gatherings.

Companies & Hospitals-Staff Notifications - Notify your entire staff of important meetings and upcoming work functions by sending out an automated notification. Workplace Emergencies - In case of an emergency at the office, have our system in place to keep in contact with all of your employees and their families both before, during and after the event. Shift Availability - Effectively send out a voice message alerting your employees of shifts that are currently available. Appointments - Send out voice message reminders to patients/clients about appointments.

Political Robocalls - A standard voice message that is recorded by the politician and sent out to millions of potential voters.



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